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HLK-LD2412 Wide Angle Sensing Radar Module 9M Distance and ±75° Wide Angle better than HLK-LD2410B/LD2410/LD2410C

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HLK-LD8001B/H, LD7901:














1. Introduction

HLK-LD2412 is a highly sensitive 24GHz human presence state sensing module developed by HI-LINK Electronics. Its working principle is to use FMCW frequency modulation continuous wave to detect human targets in the set space, combined with radar signal processing and precise human body sensing algorithms, to achieve high sensitivity human body presence state sensing, recognize human bodies in both moving and stationary states, and calculate auxiliary information such as target distance. This product is mainly used in indoor scenes to perceive whether there is movement or micro movement of the human body in the perception area, and to output real-time detection results. The farthest sensing distance can reach 9 meters, with a distance resolution of 0.75 meters. Provide visual configuration tools that can easily configure sensing distance range, sensing sensitivity in different intervals, and unmanned delay time to meet different specific application requirements.

Supports GPIO and UART outputs, plug and play, and can be flexibly applied to different intelligent scenarios and terminal products.

1.1. Features

  • Plug and play, simple assembly method

  • The farthest sensing distance can reach up to 9 meters, and the nearest and farthest detection distances can be configured

  • Large detection angle, with a coverage range of ± 75 degrees

  • Multi level intelligent parameter tuning to meet the needs of scene changes

  • Visual debugging and configuration tools

  • Compact and simplified, supporting multiple installation methods such as ceiling and wall mounting

  • 24GHz ISM frequency band, certified by FCC and CE spectrum regulations

  • The ultimate cost-effective choice

1.2. Pin Definition

PIN picture (1)

OUTTarget state output

Default to detect human presence: output high level

No human presence: output low level

The output level can be configured through instructions

TXSerial TXSerial Tx pin
RXSerial RXSerial Rx pin
+5V5V Power inputPower input 5V; Either 5V or 3.3V power supply is optional
3V33.3V Power inputPower input 3.3V; Either 5V or 3.3V power supply is optional
GNDPower ground
Power ground
GPower groundPower ground

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