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LoRa module TurMass Communication wireless RF point-to-point communication for long-distance transmission HLK-L09 test kit

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Product Introduction

HLK-L09 is a wireless module developed specifically for LPWAN IoT applications, utilizing TurMass ™, as a new LPWAN technology, has the characteristics of super large capacity, high speed, wide coverage, and low cost. HLK-L09 provides a universal AT command interface based on UART, as well as flexible parameter configuration capabilities. Users can configure various parameters such as module transmission power, working frequency, speed, and working mode according to application requirements, and quickly achieve wireless data transmission and reception.

Product Feature

  • Adopting the original TurMass ™  Narrowband IoT technology

  • Supports a wide range of speeds, ranging from 0.441 kbps to 85.106 kbps

  • High sensitivity, long transmission distance, -129 dBm (mode6 @ 1.8Kbps, PER=5%).

  • Flexible and diverse working modes, supporting time slot TDD or ALOHA

  • Support AT commands or data transmission mode


  • Smart City

  • Smart Home

  • Smart meter reading

  • Interactive voting and bank queue management system

  • Industrial equipment and instruments for the Internet of Things

  • Intelligent transportation

Technical specification

Technical indicators


Working mode


Working voltage 

1.8V ~ 3.6V
Working frequency range470MHz~510MHz
Modulation methodDPFSK
Communication standardTurMass™
Encryption methodAES128/256
Encoding methodconvolutional code, polarization code
Rate range0.441Kbps ~ 85.106kbps
Receiving sensitivity-129dBm@1.8kbps
Transmission power> 20dBm
Emission current<120mA@20dBm
Receiving current<14.5mA [1]
Sleep current<1.8uA
Controller MCURISC-V N205 Core
Communication InterfaceUART-3.3V TTL
Serial port configuration115200bps 8N1
RF interfaceIPEX connector or stamp hole
Working temperature-40 ℃~+85 ℃
Working humidityrelative humidity 10%~90%,non condensing 
External dimensions16mm x 24mm x 3.5mm (length x width x height)

Pin Defenition

L09引脚图 (1)

Pin Description

1ANT/NCAIORF signal (using IPEX RF connector version module, this pin requires NC)
RESETDIReset signal input, high efficiency
4GPIO0/I2C_SDADIONormal GPIO, supports GPIO external high-level wake-up, I2C_SDA
8GPIO3/I2C_SCLDIONormal GPIO, supports GPIO external high-level wake-up, I2C_SCL
The default configuration is the update pin, which connects to the UART-CTS of the serial port; When burning firmware, this pin needs to be pulled up
10VCCPIInput power
14GPIO_6DIONormal GPIO, default configuration is UART-RTS
17GPIO_5DIThe default configuration is UART-RXD, with serial port reception
18GPIO_4DOThe default configuration is UART-TXD, with serial port sending


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