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Why we need for a wireless city?
     As the city within the scope of the wireless network communication method, wireless broadband technology can offer a wide variety of practical applications. Many developed countries in the range of city consider deployment of broadband wireless access issues, and adopt the Wi-Fi network covering the whole city is becoming the most attract sb.'s attention and caused strong repercussions for the infrastructure construction project. London and Taipei have aspiring to announce will build wireless city. In the United States," if the deployment of broadband optical fiber to the curb" technology in 15 years.

If the use of wireless technology, the whole city deployment and overall construction to need one or two years. If you use a wired fiber optic technology connected with a family of an average cost of $2000to $3000and $7800, cable technology to a cost of $10000, and the use of Wi-Fi wireless technology to the average cost of about $18. A city of Wi-Fi network has more and more important technical, social and economic values: advanced wireless broadband infrastructure, and take it as a city service provided to the municipal, businesses and residents of various classes, not only means the city pays attention to them in the new technical aspects of reputation and support innovation, also reflects the City has to offer new products and services, and to attract investment and corresponding management operation capability.
     In addition to the business enterprise and the public to provide wireless internet access, public security and services to the metropolitan wireless network actually has a strong practical demand. As urbanization process aggravate, city population and city hall facing the pressure will grow with each passing day, emergency radio communication system has become a city management can not be ignored, and improvements in infrastructure construction projects. The system for public security, fire, first aid and other public utilities government service department provides a unified coordination, command and a pair of social emergency disposal make efficient collaboration platform. By using the wireless network platform, the government departments respond to events quickly response and handling capacity will be greatly improved, will be able to provide city in major events or emergencies ( such as military, natural disaster) to provide rapid, timely rescue service.
Throughout the city wireless broadband network for city hall, Department of public safety, transportation and other city departments to provide broadband Internet access, whenever and wherever possible. For example: for the public security traffic police patrol or through a wireless handheld device can upload data or provide on-site reports: through wireless network, on-site generation of illegal and criminal image or video recording can  can be transmitted in real time to the designated department. Municipal personnel through the wireless handheld terminal ( such as PDA) recording and transmitting data, and document management, query and publishing system<



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