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Shenzhen plans to push the development of information technology, ubiquitous broadband households Ji

Shenzhen recently introduced the "new generation of Information Technology Industry Development of Shenzhen Development Plan (2011-2015)," Shenzhen speed up the completion of an important new generation of global information technology industry base and made a strategic regional innovation center.

Municipal Development and Reform Commission official told reporters, according to the plan, by 2015, a new generation information technology industry reached 1.2 trillion yuan more than the average annual growth rate remained at 20% or more, the added value of the city’s total GDP, 20% or more, become an important global base for a new generation of information technology industry and regional innovation centers.

- Technological innovation. Foster the development of a number of techniques well-known lead-based international companies and research institutions, major scientific and technological achievements integration, transformation capabilities significantly improve and master a number of key technologies, patent applications increased by 15% annually, a new generation of above-scale enterprises in information technology industry-wide R & D investment of sales revenue of 7%. More than 150 new national, provincial and municipal engineering laboratories and laboratories, engineering (technology) research centers and enterprise technology centers, organization and implementation of more than 200 R & D projects.

- Industry cluster. Layout of the building 5 to 10 have obvious advantages, a strong leading role in promoting industrial base and gathering area, the formation of a fully furnished and distinctive features of the industrial chain and industrial cluster. The annual sales income (operating income) over hundreds of billions of four companies, the annual sales income (operating income) of over 10 billion yuan more than 10 companies.

- network construction. Built with the international advanced level of information communication infrastructure, to achieve anytime, anywhere, on-demand broadband access. The city’s home broadband penetration rate reached 90%, fiber -home to 200 million, basically Fast home broadband access. TD- LTE business started, based on IPv6 The next generation of Internet-scale commercial, built for next-generation security information network system development and autonomy can be control of information security service system.

- Application and popularization. E-commerce business more than 80%, e-commerce to achieve scale, standardized development, the first built in the country appliances e-commerce model city. Key areas Things Demo application fruitful, mobile basic universal Internet applications, software, services and information services business scale leading, triple play of highest in the country, cloud computing service innovation and development of pilot and demonstration with remarkable results.  



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